Team Roster Size
Determined by seasonal player signup and number of volunteer coaches

Session Days And Times
- Saturdays (Unless Needing To Schedule A Weeknight Session)
- 10:15am Start Time

Session Length 
45 minute Session And For Those Interested Plus Session 10 Minute 3v3 Game

Typical Session Timetable
* 9:45am:  Head Coaches Meet To Set-Up Stations
* 10:00am: Assistant Coaches Meet With Head Coaches To Go Over Day’s Session Plan
* 10:00am: Team Managers Receive Parents And Players, Give Player Name Sticker And Any Handout
* 10:10am: Team Warm-Up
* 10:15am: Station One
* 10:21am: Station Two
* 10:27am: Station Three
* 10:41am: Station Four
* 10:47am: Station Five
* 10:53am: Station Six
* 10:59am: End Of Session Team Huddle And Team Manager Drink/Snack Handout
* 11:05am: End Of Session Head And Assistant Coaches Pack-Up And Clean-Up
* 11:05am: Optional Plus Session 10 Minute 3v3 Game

Session Rules

Can sit anywhere around the field.