Team Roster Size
Determined by seasonal player signup and number of volunteer coaches

Game Days And Times
- Saturdays Unless Needing To Schedule A Weeknight Game
- 7 Or More Games (Weather Permitting)
- Home Games Noon To Late Afternoon Kickoffs

   (12:00pm, 1:45pm, 3:35pm, If Needed 5:20pm)
- Away Games Mid-Morning To Late Afternoon Kickoffs
- Possible Doubleheader

Game Length 
Two 35 Minute Halves, 5 Minute Halftime

Game Rules

- Substituting Can Be Made During Normal Stoppages
- Offside Call Will Be Made
- No Slide Tackling And Kicking Will Be Allowed
- No Heading Will Be Allowed
- A Proportional Number Of Girl And Boy Players Must Be On The Field. 
- Players Must Wear Team Uniform Set
   > Coaches Their Team Shirt/Hoody/Jacket Unless It Is Not Possible Due To Inclement Weather
- Teams Must Sit On The Same Side Of The Field
- Teams Will Switch Sides At Halftime
- Agreed Upon Rec League Rules Will Be Used
- FIFA Laws Will Be Used Unless Otherwise Stated
- Ball: Size #4
- Field Players: 11v11 (Includes Goalkeeper)
- Play Time: 40%-60%

NW Vs NW Game Rules
- If A Team Is Ahead By 3 Goals, The Play Time Of The Lesser Skilled Players Must Increase, 
  And The Play Time Of The More Skilled Players Must Decrease, Reversing The 60%-40% Rule.
- If A Team Is Leading By 3 Goals, A Player Cannot Score More Than 3 Goals, Their Next Goal/s Would Result In A Goal Kick.
- If A Team Is Leading By 6 Goals, It Must Remove 1 Impact Player, And If a Team Is Leading By 9 Goals It Must Remove 2 Impact Players.
  > First Determination, Highest Scoring Player 
- Every Effort Must Be Made To Make A Game As Competitive And Enjoyable As Possible

FIFA Laws Of The Game
laws-of-the-game-2023-24 (theifab.com) 


Can only sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams.