2023-24 Winter Season

If There Is Enough Interest, The NWYSA Will Be Volunteering It’s Time To Help Those In The Program To Form And Register Winter Season Teams Again.  Winter Season Page Information Updated, December 5th.



* Season:  January 20th Through February 24th  [Tentative]  

* If We Can Secure A Gym For This Saturday Afternoon Season Everyone Will Be Updated.



* Season: December 16th Through February 10th

* 2 Open Spots Remain On The Under 13/14/15 Team
* Team Spots, Will Be Filled On A First Come First Serve Basis
* Team Players, Must Complete Their Signup By December 2nd To Keep Their Spot

* Sign-Up Period: November 6th Through November 27th
* NWYSA Player Sign-Up Instructions:
   > NWYSA Form & Fee, Return NWYSA Player Signup Form & Make Player Fee Payment, 
   > Let’s Play Jenison Account, Instructions Will Be Provided Once The NWYSA Teams Have Been Formed (Must Be Completed By Dec 10th)
* Player Fee, 

   > NWYSA: Player Jersey, Head Coach Child Share, Coach Shirt Share, Team Gear Share, PayPal Fee 
   > LPJ: Player Membership, Team Registration Share, Game Referees Share
   > Under 7, 8, 9 Player: $107 To $127 Range Total
   > Under 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Player: $125 To $149 Range Total
   > Adult Player: $125 To $149 Range Total

* Head Coach, 1 Child Can Play For Free
* No Veteran Or Any Other Discount Can Be Offered During A Winter Season

* Additional Players: If There Are Additional Players Wanting To Signup, But Not Enough To Form A NWYSA Team, These Players Can Be Placed 
   Together On A LPJ House Team

* Location: Let's Play, 596 Baldwin Street Jenison 49428
* 19 Minutes From Our WCA Fields
* 2 Indoor Size Fields
* Let's Play Website:
* Ages: Under 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Adult
   > Players 6 Or Older As Of July 31st 2023 (LPJ Uses October 1st 2023)
* Teams & Divisions: Make-Up And Formation Will Be Dependent Upon Let’s Play Team Registrations
* Youth Teams [Under 12 & Younger]: Coed
* Youth Teams [Under 13 & Older]: Girls & Boys (Girls Can Play On Boys Teams)
* Adult Team: Coed
* Team Roster: 9 To 13 Players
* Team Staff: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, And Team Manager Volunteers Needed

* Team Practices: None (Unless A Team Is Willing To Pay An Additional Let’s Play Jenison $150 Per Hour Fee)
   > Recommendation, Team Meet At Let’s Play Jenison Before The Start Of The Season To Watch A Game/s

   > Recommendation, Find A Local Gym For Your Team To Use On Occasion
* Games: 8
* Game Days & Times [Under 14 & Younger Teams]:
   > Primarily Saturdays 7:20am-7:00pm, With One Or More Sundays 2:00pm-7:50pm
* Game Days & Times [Under 15 & Older Teams]:
   > Primarily Saturdays 7:20am-7:00pm, With One Or More Fridays 5:20pm-7:50pm And/Or Sundays 2:00pm-7:50pm
* Game Days & Times [Adult Team]:
   > Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:10pm-9:20pm (Can Request Tuesday Or Thursday To Be Primary Day)

* Pre-Game Warmup Time:  None, There Are 2 Minutes Between Games
* Game Length: 44 Minutes (22 Minute Halves)
* Field Players: 

   > Under 9 And Younger Teams, 5v5 (Includes Goalkeeper), Half Field
   > Under 10 And Older Teams, 6v6 (Includes Goalkeeper), Full Field
* Rules: 
* Game Day Coaches:  Head Coach And 1 Assistant Coach, Per LPJ Rules

* Player Gear Needed: Shinguards & Cleats Or Turf Shoes
* Player Wear Needed: Black Shorts & Black Socks

* Coach Wear Needed:  Provided Shirt Or Hoody
* Team Gear Issue: Coach Board, Keeper Gloves, Keeper Vest, Gear Bag

* Winter Weather:  It Will Be Up To Let’s Play Jenison To Decide On All Game Related Issues

Season Schedule
* Saturday December 16th Games Will Be Sent Late 11th Or 12th
* LPJ Uses The Teams First Games Results To Determine The Teams Divisions, Why The Season Schedule Is Made A Week Later
* Remaining Season Games Will Be Sent Late 18th Or 19th

If You Have Any Questions Regarding The Let's Play Jenison Season Contact The NWYSA.  If You Are Interested In Signing Up Return The Above Player Sign Up Form, But Do Not Submit A Player Sign Up Fee Until Requested To Do So. No Player Fee Will Be Requested Until It Is Known If There Are Enough Players To Register A Team For This Season. Then Each Player Will Need To Submit Their Player Sign Up Fee Before Their Team Can Be Registered.

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