Picture Days Schedule & Information

Picture Days Schedule & Information
2021 Fall Season

Lark Studio
* Contacts: Marta & Pam
* Address: 3918 Preserve Drive, Belmont, MI 49306
* Phone: 318.2715
* Email:  
* Website:  www.thelarkstudio.com

Picture Days
Saturday September 25th:  U6-U9 Divisions & Make-Up
Saturday October 2nd:  U4-U12-U15 Divisions & Make-Up

Regardless of whether or not you want to purchase individual player pictures all Players and official Coaches are expected to participate in Picture Day so a complete Team picture can be taken for their Teammates and Team Sponsor.

A player that cannot be in attendance on their team’s picture day can have their individual pictures taken on the make-up date or can contact Lark Studio to see if it is possible to schedule a one-on-one date at our fields or their studio.

Inclement Weather
Picture Day will take place under the main Walker Charter Academy (WCA) entrance cover in the event of inclement weather.

Picture Day Flyer
See attached, contact the Lark Studio if you have any questions, 


Picture Day Order And Payment
You can order and pay the day of Picture Day or you can order and pay online in advance at the following link, 

Before, during or after your team’s Picture Day contact Lark Studio.

Picture Day Schedule