Assignments & Procedures

Sent weekly.


* Report 15 minutes in advance
* If the first game of the day help to set-up field
* Perform field safety check
* Review the division and rec league rules along with the FIFA laws of the game
* Check-In,

   > Under 4/5/6 and Under 7/8/9 games, both teams at the center circle
   > Under 10/11/12 and Under 13/14/15 games, each team in front of their bench or penalty area
* If only referee for Under 10/11/12 and Under 13/14/15 game request volunteer club linesmen

* Start on time
* Move with play
* Be heard, voice and whistle
* Be instructional
* Briefly explain a call when requested
* Be polite if possible
* Keep unsportsmanlike conduct, careless, reckless and excessive force under control
* Keep score

* Oversee teams handshake to insure Good Sportsmanship

* Remind coaches to pick-up their trash and team items
* Preform trash and forgotten team items sweep in and around field
* If the last game of the day help to pack-up field, collect game ball