Special Requests

Special Requests that are submitted on the player signup form by the stated deadline will be considered and honored when practical and taking into consideration team parity.  Teams will not intentionally be formed that are clearly older or obviously more skilled than the other teams in a division.  This is to promote healthy competition and enjoyment of the season for all program members. Special Requests submitted by the parent of a player are honored in the following priority:

Practice Night Availability Request, You can request that your child not practice on a certain night/s, not a night/s that you'd prefer not to practice. You must be open to at least two nights.  In the case of the Under 10/11/12 and Under 13/14/15 Teams because of Head Coach availability, it may be possible that your child will only be able to practice on one of their team's two practice nights.  Should there be a conflict with any other special request you submitted, your practice night availability will take precedence.  

Family/Friend Request, If in the same division and no more than two. If submitting this special request you need to make sure you have taken into account the special requests of not just the one family you requested to be placed with, but all the connected families special requests.

Same Practice Night, This special request is intended for the program's larger families, families which have to travel a distance, and for Head Coaches doing double duty, helping to Coach on two teams.