Early Signup Period
* Signup: $10
* Walker Charter Academy Student Signup: $15
* Team Sponsor Find: $30

Regular & Late Signup Periods
* New Family Referral: $10
* School Formed Team Child: $10

* Family Multiple Child Signup: 2nd Child $10, 3rd Or More Child $15
* Team Sponsor Find: $20
* Head Coach: One Child Plays For Free
* Parent Deployed-Wounded-KIA: Child Plays For Free

Discounted Player Fee Payment
At this time the website isn’t set-up to take online discounted player fee payments other than the Early Signup Discount so you will need to mail in a check or money order, 
NWYSA - PO Box - Comstock Park - MI 49321

Past Season Overpay Credit 
Note the reason on the signup form and pay accordingly.

Payment Arrangement
If a parent is unable to pay a player’s entire fee at the time of signing-up a payment arrangement can be made. A portion of the player’s fee paid by the last regular signup period date with the balance being paid by the 4th week of the season.

Hardship Discount And Scholarships
A player may be given a player fee discount or scholarship depending on their family’s financial situation. Factors in deciding what help might be able to be given to a player: Program’s seasonal budget, how many player fee discounts and scholarships have already been given, which players are most in need, which players have been given help in a past season and possibly other factors. It is best to submit a hardship request as early as possible once a season's signups have begun.