Under 2-3-4 Intro Division
Children Ages 1 Through 3 As Of July 31st 2022

This level of play provides a true introduction to soccer for beginner 1-2-3 year old children and their parents. During a session, the child will be introduced to some fun age-appropriate soccer related activities. The main emphasis throughout each session is on trying to help the child to have a fun time.  Important in helping to make this an enjoyable experience for the child is constructive input and involvement from their parents throughout the season. The child will benefit from this level of play's educational value, physical fitness, soccer skills development, social growth aspects, and most of all fun. Both the child and one or both parents participate with the child in each session.

* Under 2 Through 4 (1, 2, 3 years old as of July 31st 2022)
* Under 5 (4 years old as of July 31st 2022) can play down if needing more introduction time

* Coed
* A Group Can Form Their Own Team

Team Staff

* Head Coach (HC): Volunteer
* Assistant Coach (AC): Volunteer
* Assistant Coach (AC): Volunteer
* Team Manager (TM): Volunteer


* Not Applicable


* Saturdays, Unless Needing To Schedule A Weeknight Make-Up Session
* 6-7 Sessions
* 10:15am Start Time
* 45 Minute Session And For Those Interested End Of Session 10 Minute 3v3 Game

Player Wear And Gear

* Supplied: Team T-Shirt
* Need: Size #3 Ball
* Optional: Shinguards And Cleats

* No Changes Or Additions Can Be Made To Any Team Wear

Typical Session Timetable
* 10:10am - 10:15am: Head Coach And Parent Pre-Session Meeting
* 10:15am - 10:20am: Team Warm-Up
* 10:20am - 10:27am: Activity One
* 10:27am - 10:34am: Activity Two
* 10:34am - 10:41am: Activity Three
* 10:41am - 10:46am: Session Break
* 10:46am - 10:53am: Activity Four
* 10:53am - 11:00am: Activity Five
* 11:00am - 11:05am: End Of Session Drink And Snack
* 11:05am - 11:15am: End of Session 3v3 Game [Optional]

Under 2-3-4 Intro Division History