Team Play & Sportsmanship

Team Play
Soccer is a team sport and it’s extremely important for a coach to help their team to play as a team, no hero play.  A coach needs to engage and develop each player so all the players on a team have an enjoyable season which is advantageous to a player’s development.  Win or lose, do it as a team.  Please remember the program’s mission and to keep things in perspective. 

Coaches, players, parents, referees, everyone, have a responsibility to be good role models. All those involved in a game must make every effort as difficult as that is at times to show respect towards each other and remember soccer is just a game. To include not running up a score.

When Your Team Is Dominating 

Should a coach be in a game where their team is dominating they need to ensure that coaches and players alike are not in any manner humiliating their opponent.  Whether playing against an NW team or a team from another community they need to require more challenging play from their team.  Work on your possession play, passing, Etc.  Work on your combination play, overlaps, etc.  Work on more challenging finishing, crosses, etc.  This will help to further the development of the players and team and prepare them for their more challenging games.