Team Play & Sportsmanship

Team Play
Soccer is a team sport and it is extremely important for a coach to help their team to play as a team. A coach needs to the degree possible develop each player on their team so all the players on a team have an enjoyable season which is advantageous to a player’s development. Win or lose, do it as a team, and remember the program’s mission. No hero play.

Coaches, players, parents, referees, and everyone at a game have the responsibility to be good role models. All must make every effort as difficult as that can be at times due to the competitiveness of soccer to show respect towards each other and remember, soccer is just a game. No running up a score.

When Your Team Is Dominating
When playing a fellow member NW team a coach must implement the below team challenges if their team is dominating. These team challenges must be worked on at practices so the players can progressively understand what they're being instructed to do which will result in the players being able to execute more of these team challenges in a game. These team challenges will help the players and their team to be better prepared for their more challenging games.

 Team Challenges [Players]
* 1v1, require players to perform various 1v1 moves/feints when being challenged by an opponent.
* Weak Side, require players to use their weak foot when dribbling, passing, and shooting.
* Possession, require players to do so many consecutive passes before the ball can be moved from the defensive half of the field to the offensive half of the field.
* Drop Back Possession, require players to do drop-back passes and how to create attacking space.
* Combination, require players to do so many combinations before the ball can be moved from the defensive half of the field to the offensive half of the field. 

   Combinations being, give-n-go's, overlaps, takeovers, and switching.
* Shooting, require a shot on goal come off a cross, drop back, or another creative finishing shot. No straightforward muscle through shots.

Team Challenges [Coaches] 
* Coaches must implement team challenges when there is a 3 or more score difference when playing a fellow NW member team, especially when there is a 6 or 

   more score difference.
* Coaches must reverse playing time when needing to implement team challenges. The stronger more skilled players, typically starters, go from 60% or more to 
   40% or less.
* Coaches must remove a field player when there is a 3 or more score difference when playing a fellow NW member team, 2 field players when there is a 6 or more 
   score difference.  
* Coaches must not in an attempt to keep an impact player on the field more than permitted just move them from an attack-oriented position to that of a 
   defensive oriented position, or vice versa. An impact player remains an impact player regardless of the position they are at while on the field whether they are 
   scoring or stopping a score.