Team Manager Responsibilities

Team Managers (TM's) will take care of some of the team’s administrative off-the-field duties such as collecting/distributing Information, making end of game drink/snack schedule, and team communications so the Head Coach can dedicate more time to coaching.  It will be up to the Head Coach and Team Manager to decide which communication app their team will use.  One of the listed or another, as long as one is used.

Under 10/11/12 and Under 13/14/15 Team Managers will also be responsible for making their team’s pre-game communication, at least 2 days before each home or away game a team’s Head Coach or Team Manager needs to call and/or email their opponent’s Coach or Manager to confirm the upcoming game’s date/time/location so if there is a scheduling miscommunication it is identified in advance and both teams can be notified before game day.  The program’s Director is to be contacted whenever the Coach or Manager cannot be reached.