Team Gear Issue

Head Coaches will be issued the below team gear each season and will be responsible for returning their team gear issue cleaned on the post-season designated date and time.  If needed, a team's Assistant Coach or Team Manager can return a team's gear issue.  An item that is no longer usable can be replaced, submit a request, and return the item to be replaced. Additional First Aid Kit supplies can be requested at any time during a season. Under 2/3/4 Intro Team, Head Coaches will be issued special team gear appropriate to their ages.  If you'd like to have an item added to the team gear issue, submit a request.

* Bag, Gear: 1
* Balls: TBD
* Board, Coach W/Dry Erase Marker: 1
* Cones, Ground: 20 (U12/U15 Teams 50)
* Gloves, Keeper: 1
* Jersey, Keeper: 1
* Kit, First Aid: 1
* Pump, Ball W/Needles: 1
* Box, Supply: 1
* Vests, Practice W/Bag: TBD (2 Sets Of Colors)
* Whistle, Coach W/Lanyard: 1