Team Gear Issue

Head Coaches will be issued the below team gear each season and will be responsible for returning their team gear issue cleaned on the post-season designated date and time.  If needed, a team's Assistant Coach or Team Manager can return a team's gear issue.  An item that is no longer usable can be replaced, submit a request, and return the item to be replaced. Additional First Aid Kit supplies can be requested at any time during a season.  Under 2/3/4 Intro Head Coaches will be issued special division gear that will be jointly used by the teams.  If you'd like to have an item added to the team gear issue, submit a request.

* Bag, Gear: 1
* Balls:  TBD  (U6/U9 Teams)

* Balls:  0  (U12/U15 Teams)
* Board, Coach W/Dry Erase Marker: 1
* Cones, Ground:  20/1 Color  (U6/U9 Teams) 

* Cones, Ground:  50/2 Color (U12/U15 Teams)
* Gloves, Keeper: 1
* Jersey, Keeper: 1
* Kit, First Aid: 1
* Pump, Ball W/Needles: 1
* Box, Supply: 1
* Vests, Practice W/Bag: TBD (2 Sets Of Colors)
* Whistle, Coach W/Lanyard:  1