Head & Assistant Coach Responsibilities

Head Coach
* Whether having a soccer background or not have a willingness to develop as a soccer coach
* U12/U15 Team Head Coaches, encouraged to complete USSF Online 11v11 Course before the start of the season (NWYSA Covered)
* If involved in multiple activities communicate this before committing to being a Head Coach
* Successfully complete risk management background check

* Successfully complete CDC online concussion course
* Attend preseason Head Coaches meeting
* Perform preseason tasks, parent intro and update call/email, parent meeting, etc.
* Implementing own philosophies, providing these philosophies do not contradict the program’s
* Help the team to conduct itself in an appropriate manner and adhere to the program’s policies and instructions
* Maintain team gear and field equipment
* Communicate player, parent, and team staff status changes, injuries, issues, etc.

* Help to maintain at least 2 adults throughout all team activities.

Assistant Coach
* Assist the Head Coach in their on and off responsibilities when possible
* During games help to oversee playtime management

Priority Head Coaches
In the event there are more Head Coaches than needed for a division the decision on who is named Head Coach will be based primarily on the following:

1] Those with certification from one or both of the two national soccer coaching organizations, USSF License, USC Diploma
2] Number of seasons coaching as a Head and Assistant Coach in the division
3] Number of seasons coaching as a Head And Assistant Coach

4] Proven proficiency at coaching
5] Past conduct while coaching

Non-Parent Head Coach Pay
While the NWYSA is a volunteer-run program when a Non-Parent Head Coach is needed their seasonal pay is decided upon a case by case basis