* Early Signup [$10 Discount]:  October 18th - January 30th
* Regular Signup:  January 31st - March 27th
* Late Signup Under 2 Through Under 9 Player [Add $10]:  March 28th - April 24th
* Late Signup Under 10 Through Under 15 Player [Add $15]:  March 28th - April 24th
* March 28th - April 24th:  Contact The NWYSA Before Signing-Up
* Date Form And Fee Are Both Sent, Determines If The Signup Is Early, Regular Or Late

* If There Is A Weeknight Between Monday And Friday Your Child Cannot Practice Or
If Your Child Would Like To Be Placed On The Same Team As An Like Age Relative/Friend,
If Possible, This Must Be Made Known By March 26th