2023 Summertime 3v3  [Tentative]

Date, Time & Location
* Saturday August 26th
* Sunday August 27th (If Inclement Weather On The 26th)
* Time Range, Morning To Afternoon
* Location, 


* Under 5/6, Under 7/8, Under 9/10, Under 11/12, Under 13/14, And Under 15/16
* Girls And Boys Divisions, Coed Teams Will Be Placed In The Boys Divisions
* Player’s Division Determined By Their Age As Of 31 July 2023.
* There Must Be A Minimum Of 4 Teams To Form A Division, Otherwise Divisions Will Be Combined.

Team Registration
* Registration begins on, TBA
* Registration ends on, To TBA
* $5 per player for any NWYSA player who has signed up to participate in the 2023 Fall Season.
* $10 per player for any past NWYSA player who participated in the 2023 Spring or 2022 Fall seasons.
* $15 per player for any past NWYSA player who participated in the 2022 Spring or earlier season.
* Team representative will be responsible for returning team registration-waiver form, and team entry fee by
   August TBA.
* Mail Team Registration Fee, Check or Money Order to, 

   NWYSA, PO Box 202, Comstock Park, MI 49321
* Should There Not Be Enough Interest For The Tournament To Take Place, Your Check/MO Will Be Returned.

Individual Registration
* Should a player/s be interested in participating but does not have enough players to form a team, they can submit their information and the 

   NWYSA we will try to match them up with other players In order for these players to form a team.

Team Roster

* Must be 5-7 players.

Team Shirt

* Teams must wear the same color of team shirt, and their team shirt must be numbered.
* When the team representative registers their team they can request a team color, first come, first serve.
* Team shirt suggestion, get a type of tank top, and have the team get together beforehand to create their team’s shirts.

Team Wear
* Players must wear shinguards and cleats.
* Jewelry and wrist items must be removed.

* Contact The NWYSA


* First place and runner-up teams, each player will be awarded a medal.


Field Size
To Be Determined (Tentative, 20x30, 25x35, 30x40, Yards)

To Be Determined (Tentative, 3x4, 3x5, 4x6, Feet)

Goal Box Size
To Be Determined (Tentative, Width 6-10, Length 5-8, Feet)

Ball Size
* Under 5/6, Under 7/8, Size #3
* Under 9/10, Under 11/12, Size #4
* Under 13/14, Under 15/16, Size #5


* Substitutions can take place in any dead ball situation.
* The players must enter and exit at the halfway line, with the referee's approval.

* Duration, Two 10 Minute Halves, 5 minute halftime.
* Number, 3 or more


* The teams will have three minutes to score a Golden Goal, which ends the game.
* If after the overtime, the teams are tied there will be a penalty shootout, each team then takes three spot kicks,
   rotating through their players.
* If after the penalty shootout, the teams are tied the game goes to sudden death, until one team finally scores their
   penalty without the other team answering them.


* Should teams be tied in a division, the first place and runner-up teams will be determined by the teams score totals.

* Every kick-off may be kicked in either direction.
* A team cannot score off a kickoff.

* Players are prohibited from using their hands to throw the ball back into play after it's gone out, they must instead kick
   in from where it went out along the touchline.

Five-Yard Rule 
* In dead-ball situations, all opposing players must stand at least five yards away from the ball,
* If the defending team's goal area is closer than five yards then the ball placement is adjusted. In these situations, the
   ball should be five yards from the goal area, in line with where the foul occurred.

Indirect Free-Kicks 
* All dead-ball kicks (kick-ins, goal kicks, free kicks, and kick-offs) are indirect. The only exceptions are corners and

Goal Kicks
* Goal kicks can be taken anywhere along the goal line, except from within the goal box.

Penalty Kicks
* Penalty kicks are taken from the center circle of the field, even for penalty shootouts.
* All other players must be behind the halfway line during penalty kicks.
* If the penalty kick occurs during the game, and the player misses the goal, a goal kick is instead awarded to the

* The referee awards penalty kicks if a team commits an infraction that prevents a goal scoring opportunity.

* Deliberately handling the ball to prevent a clear goal-scoring opportunity results in a penalty. The offending player
   receives a red or yellow card.

* Heading is not allowed.
* If a player deliberately heads the ball, the opposing team gets an indirect free kick. The free kick takes place from
   where the infraction occurred.

Slide Tackling & Kicking
* Slide tacking and kicking are not allowed.
* If a player does slide in on an opponent, they give away a free kick and are liable for a red or yellow card.

* There are no offsides

Yellow & Red Cards
* Such reasons include dissent, handling the ball, committing a foul, or wasting time.
* Players who receive two yellow cards in a game will receive a red card and are expelled from the game.
* Red cards mean the player also misses their next game.
* Teams continue playing with just two players if they do receive a red card.
* Coaches may also be awarded cards.

* There are no goalkeepers. 

Goal Box
* Players of both teams aren't allowed in either goal box.

* While players are permitted to pass through it, they are NOT allowed to touch the ball while inside the box.
* If the ball stops within the box, the defending team is awarded a goal kick regardless of who touched it last.
* A goal is awarded to the opposition if a defender touches the ball within the goal box
* If an attacker touches the ball within the box, a goal kick is awarded to the defending team instead.

Goal scoring
* Teams cannot score with a direct shot from the halfway line or from within their own half.
* If they do happen to score directly from their defensive half, they are not given a point, and a goal kick is instead
   awarded to the opposition team.

* If a defensive player kicks the ball across the halfway line and the ball hits another player before scoring, then the goal

* Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times. Abuse of the
   referees is not acceptable conduct.