Guest Team

Guest Team

A Guest Team (GT) is a group of players who have formed a team that is not part of a program, club, or league.

A GT may request to participate in the NWYSA’s Under 10/11/12 (U12) or Under 13/14/15 (U15) Divisions if space is available. A team's participation request must be submitted during the early or regular signup periods to be considered.

Guest Team Participation Requirements:

* Teams must be primarily made up of rec players, not select club or a higher level of play.
* Teams must be coed.
* Teams must meet a division's minimum number of players requirement.
* Teams must provide their own team staff.
* Teams must provide their own team gear.

* Teams must provide their own practice field.
* Parents, Team Staff Members, must complete the NWYSA’s Guest Team Roster Form.

* Guest Team Player Fee, $23 Per Player. 
* Teams must adhere to the NWYSA’s policies as well as that of the GR North League policies.

Guest Team Form

Contact the NWYSA if you are interested in participating in the NWYSA Program as a Guest Team.